Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why I love Amy Pond

I adored Amy Pond from the moment she appeared on Screen. I knew she and I would be good friends. She is a passionate and fiery red head. I actually died my hair to try match her. This is a post about my love for her and some of the things I wish had been done differently with her character. 

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 Amy loved adventure and god excited to see new places and new things with the Doctor. She wants to help people and make the right decisions even if what is right is scary to face, such as in the episode The Beast Bellow. She is also clever and able to figure things out.

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Amy is also not afraid to tell the Doctor what she thinks he needs to hear. She worries about him as she knows he is not careful. She is also loyal and love very deeply.

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I also love Amy's style. She wears such cute outfits. I have to admit that when I dyed my hair red I was doing it because I love Amy. I have a denim short skirt that I have nicknamed my "Amy Pond Skirt" and love to wear it.
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I have to say though that I wish Amy was much more independent of the male characters around her. While she is independent her story revolves around the Doctor. We don't know anything really about her family or the relationship she has with her family. In fact compared to Rose, whose family comes up frequently and participate in major story lines, Amy's family may as well not exist(which in fact they actually did). Amy does not have any plot lines that do not involve the Doctor or Rory. Her characters story is dependent on the male characters around her. She had so much potential as a stand alone character and yet Moffat created her to revolve around the Doctor and Rory.

Please know that I love Rory and he is probably my favorite male companion I just wish that Amy's character was not so dependent on him for a plot line. Rory was give the short stick as well in my opinion as he did not have much plot outside of Amy. I love them as a couple but they are individuals.

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  1. Omg I completely agree with you! Amy's awesome. I love that you dyed your hair because of her! :D I dyed my hair red too but after I went to Ireland last summer it got washed out. :( I also wish her character didn't revolve around male characters so much. That was a failing on Moffat's part I think, which you pointed out.