Monday, June 29, 2015

"Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

My current favorite song is Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightiwish. I love it because there is an awe of nature on planet Earth that I relate to. I think about this song when ever I go hiking. The line "every endless form most beautiful" has become a theme song to me. It means for me to never take what I see for granted. How amazed I am with what I see in nature. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken of nature along with some of my favorite lines from the song. 

Photo taken by me
We are a special speck of dust
A fleeting moment on an ark

A celebration, a resthaven
Of life

photo taken by me
Lay on a field of green
With Mother Eve
With Father Pine reaching high
Look at yourself in the eyes of aye-aye
Unfolding rendezvous

photo taken by me 
Deep into the past
Follow the aeon path
Greet a blade of grass
Every endless form most beautiful

photo taken by me

Alive, aware, in awe
Before the grandeur of it all
Our floating pale blue ark
Of endless forms most beautiful

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