Saturday, December 6, 2014

Been a While


School really takes a lot of my time leaving little time to for fun on the internet. When I do have time I must admit I don't spend it writing post instead I spend it doing things that require less thought. I don't like writing post for the sake of writing posts. I want to write something of value for others to read.

Some cool stuff has happened at school. I got to play in a ton of concerts this semester and sing with a choir. My piano teacher said that I was a performance monster this year. I have had some very good classes this semester with some wonderful professor.

Also a monk from a local monastery came to school and I got to have my picture takes with him.

I wish I had some more interesting stuff to say but I just lack the time to create and organize a topic. Maybe I will have some inspiration to write a fantastic post at some point. 


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  1. I can relate. School has been taking up a lot of time for me as well. Do you ever get nervous performing in concerts? I'd never be able to perform in front of people. Way too scary. D: