Thursday, April 10, 2014

Music Major

Hey Everyone! I am super excited to tell you that I got into the music program and am now officially declared a Bachelor of Music in piano performance!
I also recently got to perform for the first time in college. It was a short piece called Etude in E-Major by Heller. It was really exciting to get to play. I was also nervous but it went really well and I did not forget how to play it. It was really wonderful to play the piano that is used for performances. It has to be one of the most wonderful feeling pianos in that I have ever had the pleasure to play!
PE is over and I am way less stressed now! I will not me missing that class. I am looking forward to registering for class in the fall.
Music theory has been wonderful and amazing to do. I love to understand music, and now I can talk about music with much more depth.
Overall things are amazing right now and I hope you all are having an amazing time. Thank you all for still following me despite my inconsistent posting.
Lots of Love!


  1. That's great news, congrats Elizabeth!! I'm so glad to hear college is going well for you, and I hope it continues to. =)

  2. That's wonderful, Elizabeth! Congrats! My older sister is studying a bachelor of arts majoring in music, but is hoping to do a bachelor of music =). The things she studies are quite fascinating! All the best, and God bless :)
    Joy <3 :)