Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coming Out as a Feminist

Okay so I probably started to be feminist back in freshman year of high school after I read a biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. A really amazing and interesting person, and I found that I related to her and what she was fighting for. I have been a bit of  a closet feminist for the past two years. I am now finally coming out in the open and saying that I am a feminist.
Feminist have been shown in a negative light. I honestly think more people would be feminists if they actually took the time to think about the issues that feminists are fighting for. Equal rights for women really should not be such a big issue and it is really sad that it is. It really makes me upset that women are not given the same opportunities as men. I think mostly I am for equal rights. I don’t care who you are we are equal. We are all people and should be thought of equally. I don’t understand how people do not get that.
When I apply for a job I want to be considered for my ability to perform the job, not my gender or race. Those things have no bearing on my capability to do the tasks required. I should be paid the same wage as a man for doing the exact same job in the exact same amount of time.
I just wanted to get this out there. It has been on my mind for a while and I really felt the need to say it.
Love ~Elizabeth


  1. I'm a feminist too! :) Personally I think people are either a feminist or not a feminist. There's no grey area in between. If someone believes in equal rights for women, they are a feminist. It is ridiculous that it is still an issue in this day and age. Like you said, we are all people. We all deserve equal rights.

    I get really angry when people put down feminists. I am just so tired of it.

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    I agree absolutely. Women should have equal rights with men. What I think messes up the issue, though, is that modern feminism tries to give women more privileges at the expense of other people's rights.

    1. Maria Elisabeth (beautiful name!), I think for me (as Elizabeth's mom!) that I have a connotation of "feminist" which is very negative because of the idea of "better than men, not just equal" and "men haters" I *know* that isn't true feminism but it's what my mind associates with it. And then there is the denotation of "equal", the ideal that woman as just as worthy, just as valuable and just as important as well as intelligent as men. In that sense, in that context, please call me a feminist. I struggle with the idea of how to embrace feminism (I like being a woman!) and being a feminist. I dislike how society has put the two terms at enmity with each other. I think we can still be men and women embracing what makes us who we are and still be equal.

  3. It's unfortunate there are so many meanings of the word "feminist," because I consider myself one as well, yet not exactly in the mainstream definition. (Which definition, I think, has serious flaws.)

    In my program (computer science), there is an interesting variety of reactions to us female students, who are a mere 10% of those studying in this field. Ironically, I've found that the older generation (professors, etc.) is usually more open-minded! Still, it's easy to feel isolated. Even after 1 1/2 years, I'm trying to get used to it.