Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doctor Who Tag Question 6

Day 6 - Favorite Doctors (or do you disagree with the idea of having a favorite Doctor, and like all of them equally?)

Mostly I disagree with the idea of having a favorite Doctor. They are all the Doctor. They are just different portrayals of the same person. No. When regeneration happens there is a different set personality. So if you want to speak in terms of the show they are different personalities of the same character. It is complicated. I may particularly care for a particular personality but I cannot say that I have a Doctor that I particularly dislike at the moment. I can't really say I have a favorite either. I really like them all for different reasons. 


  1. This is very true - all of the doctors are The Doctor, they are all one man inside. I think some fans forget this sometimes.

  2. I think they do as well. I do understand not caring for a particular portrayal of a character. It is kind of like all the different versions of P&P. Some Mr. Darcy we like better than others. But still Mr. Darcy is Mr. Darcy.(I chose Mr. Darcy as an example because he is one that I am particular about).

  3. I usally think of the current doctor as my favorite because he shows you another part of himself. It is why none of his companions fully understand him because they are only seeing one small part of him