Monday, March 18, 2013

Lent has Started Today

Lent started today. You must either think fell asleep for about 2 months and have only just woken up or I am just a very confused person because duh, Elizabeth Lent started last month. Well for the Western church yes. For the Orthodox though Lent started today.

Why did lent start for us on such a different day and so much latter? Well there is a long and complicate answer for that and there is also a shorter answer. As I am not entirely sure exactly of what the long complicate answer is(though I have an understanding of it) I will just give you the shorter one. We calculate the date for Easter/Pascha differently. Well not so much differently as we consider when the Passover happens and set the date to be after the Passover. The western Church does not. Hence we have Pascha after Western Easter most of the time. There are times though when we have it on the same day.

That answer was a little longer that I thought it would be.

Anyway now that that has all been explained. Lent is a time when we make a much stronger effort with our spiritual life. Weather it be through fasting, praying more, or spiritual reading. You can also give something up for lent like internet time. I have done that however I have decided not to this year as I really have not been spending a lot of time on the internet anyway(as evidenced by my last posting date).

I would like to pray more during lent, I would also like to read more spiritual books. I generally consider myself a well read person, but as far as spiritual books go I am sadly lacking.

The most important thing to remember though is that Lent is a time for repentance.


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