Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Harry Lloyd was in Doctor Who!!!!

So I have finally joined the ranks of the Whovians. My family has been working our way through the series, we are currently on season 4 with the 10th Doctor. 

We were watching this episode, don't remember the title but it was with Martha, and during a pause that my dad was looking up some other actor on IMDb and we were looking at the cast list over his shoulder. Now this one actor was looking super familiar but I just could not place him. Then I saw the name and my sisters and I started laughing and giggling hysterically.

 It was Harry Lloyd. Not only that but he was playing an evil character.

So here he is. He really was brilliant though pulling of the creepy evil thing. He was so young looking too. 

See here is creepy Harry Lloyd. 

I could not stop giggling after I figured out it was him. The character was just so the opposite of Will Scarlet from Robin Hood. 

Anyway I hope you will forgive my log absence and then me coming back with a totally random post about Harry Lloyd and Doctor Who. 


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