Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reading goal 2013

After much thought about what I usually read in a year and what would be a little more challenging, and therefore making it more interesting. I have decided that I would like my goal to be to read 65 books in a year. However as I do know that some books will be longer than others and take more time to read. I will be very happy if I read at least 50.

I will be counting rereads as part of this. There is the series I am rereading right now and I have another one that I really want to reread and have been planning to for a while and just not gotten around  to.

One thing I really like about GoodReads is that if I want to check something out from the library but don't know what I can just go to my "to read" list on GoodReads and find something there to checkout. Really nice. I like browsing in a library, but sometimes it can be frustrating as I don't always find anything good, I also don't always have time to spend browsing in the library. I am a really big fan of putting books on hold.

Anyway What do you think of my goal?
I also know some people are not really all that into rereading books. What do you think of rereading?


  1. That's a good idea. I think rereading is okay, just so long as you're not reading a short novel just to get another book on your list. You know what I mean? For example, there's a few books I really like, geared more for kids, like around 10-14. I've reread them several times, but it shouldn't count if I had a reading goal because they're so easy to get through, and I'm so familiar with them. But, if it's a book I've only read once or twice, then it would be okay. I guess the main thing is to try to read new books, or reread books that you enjoyed but hadn't read in years.

  2. I think that sounds fine, and yes, I count both re-reads and YA novels.

  3. I LOVE re-reading!!! I am thoroughly planning to re-read North & South by Gaskell! I ADORE it!