Thursday, January 3, 2013

One the 10th Day of Christmas

I will tell you what I have been doing during the 12 days. :) 

So what have I been doing on this long Christmas break. Well my dad takes off a lot of time around Christmas and New Years. This provided a perfect opportunity for us to do a project that we had been talking about for a long time. The Great Bedroom Switch. Samantha's and my bedroom would become Emily and Abby's bedroom, and Emily and Abby's bedroom would become Samantha's and my bedroom. 

I don't think we quiet comprehended just what we were getting ourselves into. The bunk bed that was in E&A's bedroom had not been moved since it was put in. That was a mess. And my mom and very wisely in my opinion decide that this a perfect time to do a lot of decluttering. We are still working on it. Though the bedrooms are now mostly switched we still need to transfer cloths from one closet to the other. Which is one of the things to go through. 

This is what my bedroom now looks like. My bed is on the right and Samantha's is on the left. The dresser that is mine too. I also have a desk, but you can't see that, or S's dresser.

At this point I must say that having friends is really awesome as that is how S got her bed. I will also say it is an awesome bed. The daughter who moved away had decorated the headboard with Harry Potter Stickers. I almost wanted the bed! But mine had a book shelf for a headboard which is just as nice. :) 

Here is a blurry picture. 

I will admit that I find it funny that she had a Harry Potter headboard with Winnie the Pooh sheets and comforter. :) 

Christ is Born! 


  1. Switching and changing rooms is a lot of work. Even attempting to rearrange my room at all can be hard for me to do. It pays off in the end, though.

    I love the Harry Potter stickers! :D I wish my bed had Harry Potter stickers! That would be so awesome!!