Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the 8th Day of Christmas

I wish everyone a happy New Year!!! And I go to a friends house for the day! :)

Perhaps the biggest change at the moment, or at least the first one that comes to mind, is that my bedroom moved. I read Harry Potter. I decided I am probably a Geek. I also decided I like long hair better than short on me.

 It is hard for me to really pin point any particular change in my life as it seems like my life is always changing.

I am rubbish at coming up with New Years resolutions. I either come up with really impossible ones or completely forget them. Or in a different case they pretty much stay the same as they are something I have to work on constantly. Like getting along with my sisters more, or being more diligent in everything that I do. I have to work on those all the time.

Maybe I should work on gaining more confidence to be me this year? I don't know. I tend to come up with New Years resolutions in May. I KNOW what I should do! Not procrastinate so much! :)

Do you do New Years resolutions? What are some that you have come up with?

Do you have any New Years Traditions that you and your family do?

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  1. I'm the same way - there are some resolutions I'm always working on. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. :) I used to watch the Space Needle fireworks on TV, but I missed it this time (it's always so short, too!).