Monday, September 10, 2012

The Effect of Words

"It was enchanting to meet you" or "call me maybe."? which would you want someone to say to you? These are such different things to say. Each conveying different ideas and images.

So I know I set up a blog(D-Major D-minor) to talk about music on, but I am using Taylor Swifts song as a demonstration of what I want to talk about on this blog. What I want to talk about is how what words you use can greatly effect what people think of. Words are dangerous, and powerful tools.

Just look at the difference between the two examples of telling someone you were glad to see them. I really, really, REALLY don't care for the second, but the first makes me think of Jane Austen, the Victorian time, and fairy tales. It just has a much better image for me. Taylor Swift is a talented writer she knows how to use words, I will give her that. Part of the reason I think she is so popular is that she knows how to write a good song( I will take a moment to admit that I am a kind of Taylor Swift fan). Some of her stuff is cheesy, but happy.

Words are something that I really like to pick apart and look at what they can really convey to the reader, or listener. They are extremely important, and something that everyone should learn how to use, and use well. I enjoy writing and often feel like I am not sure of what words to use to best convey my point. I hope that I will get better with time and practice.

This was something that struck me while listening to this song, and I felt it went with what I tend to write about on this blog.

PS. I found out that Taylor wrote this song for Adam Young, the singer for Owl City. Fun fact for the day. :)

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  1. I don't know much about Taylor Swift's music but I agree that the words we choose are extremely important. They are vital not only for communicating with others, but also for understanding our own thoughts and feelings. Great post, I love this subject.