Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lacy tops

I am not really a fashion posting person, but I enjoy fashion, so I want to share what I like with you all. 

I tend to avoid wearing white. I am constantly in terror that I will spill something and permanently stain it. That in mind, I think I would make an exception to these white lacy tops. They are so cute! 

I really like the two peace dress look. It looks like a dress and a skirt while being just one piece. I love the blue of this one, and the ribbon adds a nice touch. 

This is really not quite a lacy top like the others, but I have included it anyways. It looks so soft and flowing, a little more length would be perfect! I love the girls hair too!! 

This is so nice, the collar is sweet. 

This is a 50s style, and is just perfect. The skirt has a delightful fullness to it. 

The color of the skirt is once of my favorite colors, and the sleeves are so pretty. Not to mentions this girl has amazing hair too! 

What do you think of the lacy tops?
Which of these is your favorite?


  1. I really do love the lacy tops, but somehow when I see them at the store, they never look fabulous on me.

    I wore a white tshirt the other day, successfully, but I'm scared the whole time :)

  2. I loooooove love love love the lacy tops! I wish I had one! They're quite beautiful, and so elegant. For some reason, they remind me of one of the dresses Margaret Hale wears in North and South. It's a bit irrelevant, I guess....kind of a strange connection for my mind to

  3. I really want one too. Your connection with North and South made me giggle. :) I can see that, she had a couple, or maybe it was one, white shirt that popped up a lot. :)