Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: The Throne of Fire

Title: Throne of Fire
Author: Rick Riordan
See my review of the first book The Red Pyramid.
Rating: 3/5

I must say that I think I like this book better than the first, and I cannot wait to read the next one(there are over 100 holds on the next one at the Library).

A lot of what I said in the first book holds true for the second book. There is only one thing that really bothered me, before I knew there would be a book after it for sure I was trying to guess if there would be. On the one hand there were a lot of questions left unanswered, on the other it felt like how a book feels when it is ending a series. It was very confused as to weather this was the last book or not, it almost felt like it was.

I was glad to see some of the same characters and to meet so many more. To learn more about characters already there. I always enjoy learning more about characters in books.

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