Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: The Red Pyramid

Title: The Red Pyramid
Author: Rick Riordan
Summary: Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.               One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.          Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set--has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs. 
                                        (From the Back of the book)

Having read The Lightning Thief, and other Percy Jackson books. I was very interested in his Egyptian mythology books. So far so good. I really enjoyed having two main characters, that take turns telling the story. Also how the story is told is quite creative. The jumping back and forth between Sadie and Carter, and how it was like a recording was very creative. 

The characters were not some of my favorites. It was not that they were bad or anything, I just didn't like them as much as others. However it still made me laugh out loud. I would definitely recommend this book to Percy Jackson fans. 

Also something that I was really tickled about was a small reference to his other series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians. It brought a smile to my face. :) 


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