Friday, June 15, 2012

So cute!

Baby Platypus!!! So adorable, I just want to have one myself. :) oh oh oh!! I want to kiss them, they are so cute! 

Mostly this is about the picture above, but I will share with you some pictures of the animals that live at my house. 
 This is one of our cats. She is so sweet, and really jumpy. She makes the sweetest faces. 

And this is our monstrosity of a cat. He is so fat, but because he is fat he is also great to cuddle. These two are littler mates. 
Really my cats can be super cute sometimes. 



  1. What sweet cats! I adore cats :) What are their names?


  2. The girls name is Lacy, and the fat boys name is George. He is usually the more photogenic one of the two, it is really hard to get at picture of Lacy. George is just to Lazy to run away. :)

  3. they're quite sweet cats, Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing pics of them :)