Friday, June 22, 2012

Mo Ghile Mear & A Riogain Uasail

So on an exploration of an artist I just found, Julia Fowlis, I heard a song that with a tune that sounded extreamly familiar. So after making my sisters listen to it we figured out what it was. The tune was exactly the same as that in Mo Ghile Mear. It inspired me to do a little research. so far. I have found very little on the second song, but what I did find out for sure was that they were by the same author Sean Clarach Mac Domhnaill. He wrote Mo Ghle Mear  and several years latter wrote A Riogain Uasail as a response to the first song. That is all I could figure out for sure. I was not able to figure out what the second song was about but here are the two for you to listen to side by side.

I adore Oral, and I like her version a lot better than Celtic Woman's version. I love the Irish bag pipes that I am hearing. I am pretty sure they are Irish bag pipes, they don't quite sound like the Scottish ones.

I really really like this song. It is so pretty, sad, and soothing. I have fallen in love with it! :)



  1. I've listened to a bit of Julia Fowlis's stuff before. She has a lovely voice and it's neat that she mostly sings in Gaelic. I never noticed that before about 'A Riogain Uasail' being the same tune! Thanks for pointing that out! It does a sadder sound than 'Mo Ghile Mear'.

    I like 'Mo Ghile Mear', I've heard several versions of it and definitely prefer Orla's version best too!

    This was a fun post! :)

  2. Hello, Elizabeth! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

    I love Orla from Celtic Woman (both her fabulous red hair and her beautiful voice)!