Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts from Valentine's Day

So I realized that I didn't do a post for Valentine's Day. Well I could not think of anything more to post other than a "Happy Valentine's Day", and I kind of like to do a little more for blog post, and at the time I could not think of anything else to say, or something about the holiday that struck me. But now I have something to say.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. Most people when they think of love think of the romance novel like love. But this is not the only love out there. There is the love that we have for our family; parents, siblings, children, and extended family. There are all kinds of love out there. Unfortunately we only have one word for the many kinds of love out there. On February 14th we seem to only remember the romantic love, so that those who don't have a special someone feel left out. Not that romantic love is not wonderful or anything, I can't really say from experience, since I have not experienced it. 

So on the day that we remember those we love and those who love us we should not forget the one who loves us more than anyone else in the whole world. Jesus. He died on the Cross for us, he made himself man for us. He suffered terribly for us. How many people would do that for me? There is a lot that we can learn about love from the life of Christ. I pray that I may be able to strive to love as he loves us! 

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