Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our snow storm

Almost 2 weeks ago we got a really really REALLY big snow storm. At least it was big for us. We had snow, ice storms, and windstorms. I know some people who didn’t have power for 4 days! The snow was fun, but the rest of it was not. We lost power a few times, but thankfully it was not very long. Any way here are some pictures. I will post tomorrow what me made in the snow! : )

We measured the snow and we had about 7 1/2 inches!!!
Most normal winters we do not get snow. This was most obviously this is not normal.
As something else to be noted my dad didn’t go to work pretty much the whole week. At least after Tuesday. That was nice.
We are all very sad, because our Maple tree in the front is down. I know a lot of trees and branches are down. I will just really miss our tree in front.
Our backyard is a carpet of green pine branches of all shapes and sizes. So many branches everywhere have come down!


PS. 18 more days to vote in my poll! :)


  1. Wow, that is So Much snow! It must have been both fun and not so fun to have had such a big snowstorm... I never saw snow in front of me in all my life, but I definitely would like to see it one day =D.

  2. Wow! Where I am, we usually get quite a bit of snow, but this year has been pretty mild for us. We've gotten some snow, but it doesn't stay long.