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A VERY long fan post :)

 I am in a fan post mood. I am in a mood to do a fan post about....... Loreena McKennitt!! :) I will mix in a LOT of pictures and link to some of her songs on youtube.

 I love her hair, and her outfits are so lovely, romantic, and renaissance like. Her music is really what got me in to the Celtic Genre. The particular song that led me to discovering her was The Highwayman. I found it actually while looking at Robin Hood BBC clips oddly enough, now I will always picture the Highwayman as Guy of Gisborne, and Maid Marian as Bess the landlords daughter. haha! (the video that introduced me to Loreena mckennitt this version has been made shorter and is not as good as the first link I have, I am just sharing the particular video that introduced me to her.) :)

Loreena Mckennit is such a huge musical inspiration for me. She started her own company, Quinlan Road, and funds her own records and tours.  She is independent and has managed herself. Just how she has done her own thing and not let others tell her what to do with her music. 

I love the picture above is is so lovely, and the dress is flowing, and her hair is red! I love red hair! :) 

I was thrilled when I found out she played the piano! I later learned she played the harp, and accordion. She really inspires me with how she plays multiple instruments, and she sings. She writes music and lyrics. 

One of the best things about Loreena is that she puts so many poems to music. The best example would be The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, which I shared in the very beginning as my introduction to her and the Celtic world. Hence it will always be very special to me. :) It was one of my favorite poems before I heard Loreena McKennitt's version, but it was firmly set after I heard it. 
And this one has a little poem by William Blake in it I don't know what the title is

I am a Shakespeare fan, Loreena Mckennitt is as well. She actually was in the theater for a few years. She was in a few plays, and composed music for the theater as well. It is no surprise then that she has a few Shakespeare pieces set to music. I love how she uses classical literature and stories and sets them to music. 
here are the two she has done. 
Prospero's Speech  is my favorite! It has such a haunting and dream like sound to it. The words are so beautiful as well, as they would be coming from Shakespeare. :) 

I have learned a lot about the Celts because of her. I learned that the Celts spread out to more than just Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. It is wonderful and amazing to journey to all sorts of places with her music. I know of very few musicians that do that for me. Here is a good map of how spread out the Celts were. It is for little kids, but I found it very cool. :)  
With Loreena McKennitt I have found such lovely Folk songs such as Blacksmith, and the very popular song She Moved Through the Fair
She has done many many other traditional songs. I think one of my favorites is Star of the County Down. It is a happy bouncy song. :) 

One of the songs that I could not stop listening to for the longest time was Bonny Swans, which is based on an old story. I fell in love with the story, the beat, the words, It is so wonderful! :)

I love the picture above, she is so lovely, her hair is so gorgeous! :)

I have always loved to study other cultures, I have my favorites, and those that I don't find quite so interesting. Loreena McKennitt blends Arab and Celtic songs is such an amazing way! The Mystic's Dream is a particular favorite of mine. I love the bouncy, makes-you-want-to-dance sound that Santiago has.

A song that by her that more people would be likely to know is Mummer's Dance. I have heard it once or twice on a particular radio station, during a particular time of year (fall I believe). It have a very fall sound though it is actually about Spring. 

She has done 14 albums from 1985-2012, 4 of them are live albums. She has also made 3 DVDs of concert performances. 

I must say that from the DVD, Loreena Mckennitt is one of those artists that sound great live, if not better than on a recorded CD. 

 This is Loreena McKennitt's Latest CD. It It is Called Troubadour's On the Rhine! IIt is a live recording of herself, her long time Guitarist, and long time Cellist. I am very very very excited since this will have live recordings of her with her latest songs from her Album from Last year, The Wind That Shakes the Barley. I listened to the samples, and am thrilled to hear the piano in songs such as The Parting Glass, and The Wind that Shakes the Barley!! I am sooooooooo excited about that part!!! :) :) :) 

Now that I have gotten all that out of my system, and probably bored you to death. Not to mention that it will probably take you a long time to listen to all the songs, if you do at all, that I have linked too. I do apologize for this being so long, but when you are obsessed with something and you really really like it, you just can't help going on and on about it. You can't help, but want to talk about it. :) I am sure some of you can understand! 


PS. Sorry that I don't have a link for the song The Wind that Shakes the Barley. It is not on youtube, but it is one of my favorites. I think one of the best on that particular album.It has such a sad ethereal sound, the Cello is amazing! And Loreena's voice is perfect for the song! Ah but wait, I think I may have found something! Here There are two songs on this one, the first is The Star of the County Down and the second one is The Wind That Shakes the Barley. :)

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