Monday, January 9, 2012

What books I am reading for Dickens

So I said I would post about what books I am going to read for the Charles Dickens Reading challenge. You can click the button on the side to learn more. I am really really excited about this challenge! I really feel I should read more Dickens, but just have not had the push I needed to actually do it.  I think this is  the push.
But Anyway, I will now tell you about what I am going to read  
Little Dorrit:I have always wanted to read Little Dorrit. I have heard so many good Things about it, but I am only few chapters in, and can’t seem to get motivated to read it. I think the Challenge will motivate me to finish it.
David Copperfield: I don’t know very much about this book, but I keep seeing the name, and want to do know what it is about. I find it interesting how Charles Dickens liked to use names as titles. Not all his books had titles that were names but the books that did have name titles, where names that grabbed your attention.

A Tale Of Two Cities: My piano teacher told me this was her favorite Dickens book, and I have heard a lot about it. The title sounds interesting. Like a story that a grandfather might tell his grandkids around the fire place.

Great Expectations: My mother read this book aloud to us a long time ago, and I wanted to read it again because I liked it so much! And there will be a movie, and a BBC series, coming out, and I want to read it before I watch either.

A Christmas Carol: I am ashamed to say I have not read this. I say I will read it, but then I don’t. I have seen several versions of the story(the Muppets are my favorite:) but never actually read the book. Well I am going to read it now!

What books are you going to read this year? (any books, not just Dickens)


  1. These look like a great selection of Dickens' works to read, Elizabeth. The only book from these that I've read has been A Tale of Two Cities and I really loved it! (I'd also recommend you watch the 1970s-1980s movie for it as it is a very close adaption and one of my favourite as well.) Mum read David Copperfield but said it was awfully sad!

    Anyhow, I hope you have good fun and perseverance with these books, they look challenging but exciting as well :).

  2. I've read "Tale of Two Cities" (highly recommend) and "Great Expectations" (also good, but not as good as Cities) and I think, many years ago, "A Christmas Carol."

    I have "Little Dorrit" around here somewhere, I should read that one.

  3. Very glad to hear you'll be taking part! I've read A Christmas Carol and although it's quite short I really enjoyed it - I love the Muppets version too :') For the challenge we're reading very similar books, so I look forward to seeing what you think of them!


  4. The only Dickens I've read was Tale of Two Cities, and I've never forgotten it. He is sometimes wordy and you wonder where he's going with the story but for that one you must make it to the end :)