Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have been awarded!

I have been awarded The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from Miss Elizabeth Bennett at The Elegance of Fashion. Thank you so much! :)

What I have to do:
          1. Post seven random facts about myself.
          2. award this to ten other bloggers!

Random facts about me.
1. I have 3 sisters
2. I had piano lessons today.
3. I really really like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series! :)
4. I like to bake a cookies, and all that good stuff!
5. I am studying British Literature this year.
6. I am not very fond of modern art.
7. "The Hunt for Red October" has become one of my favorite movies!

Now for 10 blogs to get the award! :)
1. But When The Young Lady is to be a Heroine
2. Femininity and Daydreams
3. I Will Smile
4. Fullness of Joy
5. Novel Pretender
6. The Kings Bookworm
7. All That is Gold
8. Miss Georgiana Darcy
9. Reilly Clan 13
10. Think Green Love Purple

Thank you again for awarding me!


  1. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for awarding me =D, it was so sweet of you! I love those random facts about you...

    I just have a question, how many blogs am I to award... (7 or 10)?

    God bless,

  2. Ah so very sorry Joy. I wrote this in the evening so I must have had tired fingers, and brain. :) It is ten. I have fixed it so that is says ten now. Thank you for pointing that out!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for awarding me, it's so sweet of you! I like baking cookies too. :)


  4. Oh thanks! I did 10 anyway =D. I wrote it late at night too :)