Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dickens Books I have Read

I thought it might be a fun thing to do to say what I have read for Charles Dickens. I really like to see what I have gotten done, it can sometimes motivate me to get more done. I like check lists. Smile

Oliver Twist: I really really liked this book, it is one of those Cinderella like stories that you can help but like. It starts out so sad, but has a happily ever after ending. Overall I think this is a book I would consider rereading.

Bleak House: Ahhh Bleak House. Smile I really really loved this book!! I love the changing perspectives.I loved how it seemed like nothing was connected at all when it really was! I loved the characters. I love the whole combination of it all. This is one that really feel in love with.

Great Expectations: This book was one that I enjoyed. I like the mystery of it. Wondering who had helped Pip, and why? I liked how Pip was able to be better than what so many people thought he would be. I really really enjoyed it. Smile


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