Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Did Elizabeth fall of the face of the Earth?

So sorry that I am have not been posting! I got really busy with school and life kind of got in the way, so I took a little brake from blogger. Which was actually very nice, but now I would like to get back to it! :) So I will be trying to get back, but don't expect to much.

Advent started for the Orthodox church on November 15. I have a one year Bible, but I have not been doing the one year part of the plan. I am reading little bits when I can which I suppose is better than none. I am also reading A Simple Path for this fast season. I read part of it last Lent so I hope to finish this Advent/Nativity fast.

I have been reading other books to, so hopefully I will maybe get some book reviews done. I would also like to post a lot of my favorite Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas music, it is some of my favorite music in the whole world. So I would like to share some of my favorites. I have a Christmas plays list, but not all my favorites are on playlist so I will post some as well. :)

I don't know if I ever mentioned before that I joined my church's choir. I really really love it!!! I am especially excited for the Christmas songs we are working on. :)

I am also excited because I will be babysitting tomorrow! I am looking forward to it!

Anyway that is all for now. Right now my sister has a friend over and they are working on building a model of one of those rock throwing things they used in Narnia & and real life to. I can't remember what it is called. Even if I did I am not sure I would be able to spell it.


PS. I also want to post some pictures of my latest art projects. :)


  1. I love your Christmas-y blog design! It's pretty :)
    I'll be looking forward to your playlist-- I love Christmas music too.
    And A Simple Path is a great book!

    Glad to see you posting again ~

    PS: If you do get a chance to make the hand sanitizer, let me know how it goes (:

  2. I've missed hearing from you so it's good to have you back! I really like your Christmas design, very pretty!
    You have some really nice songs on your playlist too.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I'm glad you're back to blogger. I'm a new follower, more or less. Your blog looks really nice! I love Christmas Carols too very much and our school (distance education) is having a Carol Service this weekend and we'll be singing at that in a big cathedral which is sooo exciting. I love singing too!

    Having browsed through your blog, I noticed that you're Orthodox, right? That's really interesting, because my parents were brought up as Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt! So what kind of Orthodox are you?
    Many blessings,

  4. @ThinkGreen: Thank you. I like to decorate my blog. I am happy to be back! :) I will tell you when I get the chance to try it.

    @Miss Laurie: I am so happy to be back, and I love seeing the comments too! Thank you!

    @Joy: I am so happy to see you hear! I like meeting new people! That sounds so exciting! I think singing can express what words cannot always fully express.

    How cool that your parents where raised Coptic! I know a few Coptic Christians. I am part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It has sub sections of Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Antiokian, Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russian(ROCOR), Orthodox Church of America (OCA). I don't know if that helps you. I am very happy to meet you!