Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little lack of inspiration

So I am just doing a random post with pictures form some period dramas I like. Just to talk about them. Also since I am out of posting ideas at the moment. Hopefully some will come to me soon.

I love Ester Summerson! She is so sweet, lovely, and feminine! She is one of my favorites right up there with Elinor Dashwood and Jane Bennett. I like all the hair arrangements in this series. They were all so lovely.

I love lady Deadlocks hair. She always has it so wonderfully arranged. She is very elegant, I like that. A little uppity maybe, but elegant. I love all her dresses too. They are elegant just like her.

Has anyone else noticed that this dress....
looks just like this dress. Or is it just me?
I love Marian's dress. This is my favorite dress from the whole movie. I like Elinor's too. Margret is so cute in this picture! Marian's hair is lovely. I wish I could get it to be that curly, but mine just wont. *sigh*

The Greek Festival is tomorrow!! I am very excited!!! I can't wait to go!! :) :)


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