Friday, September 23, 2011

Pride and Prejudice 2005 rant

So I said I would talk more latter on Pride and Prejudice 2005. This is my rant about it, latter I hope to do a review after I have gotten some of the things I didn't like out of my system. I wan't to give it a nice review not a rant about what I didn't like. So sorry this is so long in coming!!

I have noticed that I am more particular with Jane Austen adaptations that with others. I don't know why, but I just am.

The big thing about this movie was that it was just too short!! 2 hours is just not enough time to cover the whole story. I would rather they take all the time they need, than for them to not take enough time and really mess things up. There where things that didn't happen in the book that they added, and then they took out some of the best parts! Maybe they would not have needed to do this if they had not added stuff?

Since Wickam is here I will talk about him. He was just not right. He was slimy from the beginning. I all ways pictured Wickam as being very charming, nice, and sweet, and then you find out how horrible he is. This Wickam is suspicious from the beginning. I have no idea how Lizzie saw anything in him at all! Wickam just was not right.

Mr. Bingley was not to dumb. Mr. Bingly in the book though not a smartest person on earth, was a gentlemen, kind, and caring. I don't get the same feel. Honestly I really like Bingley, but in this version I have no idea how anyone can like him, he just is to well... dumb. Sorry to be harsh on him, but that is just how I feel about him.

And now for the thing that made me really really mad!
*screams in horror!*

Miss Bingly is wearing a sleeveless dress!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a fashion expert but this seems to me like a really wrong thing. It looks like she is wearing her underwear to the ball! It was just not right. It just did not feel at all proper for the time. It just seems like she is wearing her underwear to me.

On a side note I like her hair. I wish I had hair like that! I liked Miss Bingly way to much in this version. She just seemed like a stuck up person who was full of themselves, but not nearly as evil as she should be. I didn't even really feel like she liked Darcy, and I felt like she and Lizzie could have almost have been friends is Miss Bingly was not so stuck up. Also Her dresses, minus the one above, were the only dresses that I liked.
Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like everyone was running around in their night cloths half the time. What was up with that? I would not want Mr. Darcy walking in on me in my nightgown. I also don't think that she would have gone walking out of the house, no matter what hour it was, in her night gown. That just does not seem right.

I am not sure what to make of Mathew Macfayden's Mr. Darcy. On the one hand I like Macfayden so I was some what predisposed to like his Mr. Darcy. But His Darcy just didn't seem right. I didn't feel like he was a proud stuck up man, just really shy and not sure of himself. Which I though Mr. Darcy was sure of himself in the book, just proud, and disagreable.

I liked when they where dancing the other couples disappeared. That was really interesting to show how they where focused on each other

Georgiana seemed way to young. She looked 12 and no where near 16. She did seem really sweet though as Georgiana should be.

Also Why did they where their hair down? It kind of annoyed me as it seemed not quite right for the time. I am not an expert on Regency fashion, so I could be wrong. But I have seen quite a few Regency films and this was the only one where any of the women wore their hair down. Not that they didn't have nice hair.

The dresses where not very regency in this movie. I know that the director wanted to show the difference of status between the Bennetts and the richer people. But still I was not very happy with it. I mean Kitty and Lydia strike me as the kind of people who would have the latest fashion no matter what. Mrs. Bennetts dresses where really not regency at all. They where from the time before which I thought was really odd. (what was the time before Regency?)

Also look at Lizzie's hair here. I would not mind her bangs so much it they where not in her face. Also her coat was very ugly and looks like it was a guys coat. Maybe she got it from her father? I don't know it was just really ugly.
Ahh Jane. . . Jane is my favorite character from Pride and Prejudice. I find I am like her is some ways. I really like this Jane. She looked like Jane, and acted like Jane. Jane from 1995 had the character down right, but didn't quite look like her. This Jane looks like Jane. She is sweet and caring. The trying always to think the best of others didn't quite come across as well though. Jane was just about really nice thing in this movie.

One character that really annoyed me because he was not right was Mr. Collins. I mean Mr. Collins is suppose to be an annoying character, but it annoyed me because he was not what he should have been. He was not Mr. Collins. I can't put my finger on what about him was not Mr. Collins, perhaps it was because he did not use the phrases that Mr. Collins used?

Lizzie was not Lizzie at all. She was much more like Kitty and Lydia. Why Mr. Darcy liked her when she was so much like her younger sisters I have no idea. Also I don't remember Lizzie being so critical of men. Why was she like that? It didn't make sense, and was not at all Lizzie like. Also she was very rude to her father when she snatched the letter out of his hand. It was really really rude, and extremely unLizzie like.

I wanted to like this version. I knew when I started it that it would not be as good at the 1995 version, but I was so disappointed with it. I will do a real review of it latter in which I will try to be a little more balanced. This was not a review. It was just be writing about what annoyed me, and what I didn't like. And there are a few good things in here too I think.



  1. The time before the Regency era was the Georgian Era.

    I've only seen half of this movie, but I didn't like it very much either. In addition to what you didn't like, I also didn't like that they made the Bennets look so poor. Their house looked very dirty and unkempt and then Mr. Bennet was moving pigs through the house? The Bennets aren't supposed to be very rich, but they have enough money to keep a nice home.

    Looking forward to your review!

  2. Miss Elizabeth, I agree. I found it disconcerting that the Bennets were portrayed as so poor. I am so NOT a fan of this version.

  3. Yeah, the pigs in the house was really weird, I thought. Are the Bennets even supposed to have farm animals?

    My least favorite thing in the whole movie is Lizzie yelling at her family, and of course the climax-kiss when they're outside in their pajamas. I'm also curious where she got her guy's coat; it doesn't look like something her father ever wore, and why he would save it for his daughters, I don't know! ;)

    I've seen many 2 hour classics that were well-adapted. I think the fast-paced/modernized script has more to do with the filmmaker's priorities.

  4. @Miss Elizabeth Bennett: I knew you would be able to answer that question! :) Thank you could not quite figure out what annoyed me so much with the Bennett family.

    @Marian: I suppose they might have some animal. They are in the country, but I don't think they would live so close to the house. I think you right, and that is is the directer's choice. I think I can think of a few 2 hour dramas that where very good too!