Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jane Austen questions #3

Time for more Jane Austen Week questions. This is the last of them so I hope you enjoy! :)

6. Top three Jane Austen Adaptations, and why?

Pride & Prejudice 1995 it one of them. I feel that this one is the most faithful the the book, and Colin Firth did an amazing job with Mr. Darcy, he got his character down. I love all the costumes, and it all ways is good for a laugh too. It is my families favorite.

I have not seen any other adaptations, so I cannot compare here. I love all the actors in this one they all did a great job portraying the characters. I love the scenery, and the costumes, but they don't always look very Regency to me. I really really love Emma Thompsons portrayal of Elinor.

This one is a definite family favorite. We all laugh and enjoy the humor, and as far as I can remember it is very close to the book. I really did not like the 2008 one. Emma drove me crazy in that one, and I felt like they completely ruined her character. I didn't like Emma in that one at all, and I didn't like Mr. Knightly either. I think the only character I liked was Harriet Smith.

7. Top 3 Jane Austen characters that "take delight in vexing" you?

George Wickham: He is so slimy sweet, and then you find out what kind of a man he is!

Willoughby: I really must admit that I feel sorry for him, but I am also very very angry for him running around and breaking girls hearts! Really I am very mad at him about that!!

Henry Crawford: I am so mad at him for breaking girls hearts for amusement!!!!!! I wonder if he would feel the same if someone broke his heart?

8. Jane Austen sequels....Do you like them or not? I have never read any of them. My mom has read a couple of Pride and Prejudice ones and she like them. I think it would depend on if it was faithful to the characters.

9. Do you have a favorite spot to keep all your Jane Austen "stuff"? I don't really have Jane Austen "stuff", but if I did I would keep it on my head board(which is like a personal bookshelf. I love it!).

10. Which Jane Austen character Are you most like? I would have to say I think I am most like Elinor Dashwood. I really really adore her!! I try to be sensible and calm.

11. What was your introduction to Jane Austen? My first introduction was watching Pride and Prejudice 1995 with my mother. I was about 7 or 8 I think.



  1. Great answers! I really enjoyed reading them :)


  2. Me too!
    There's a series of cozy mysteries, I've only read the first one, by Stephanie Barron.

    The first is "Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor" if I recall correctly.