Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review: A Murder for Her Majesty

Title: A Murder for Her Majesty
Author: Beth Hilgartner
1st published: 1986
Genre: Historical Fiction, and mystery
My rating: 3/5

"Alice Tuckfield is and eleven-year-old fugitive. She has witnessed the death of her father at the hands of men posing as agents of Queen Elizabeth, and has made her way to York to find help. But things do not go as planned, and before she knows it Alice has been taken in by a group of choirboys, who disguise her as on of them. Now she must find a way to solve the mystery of her father's murder...before the killers find her." -The back of the book!.

This book is good for all ages. It makes a great read aloud for the family. You will not want to put is down!

The characters are very humorous. they are all very lovable. Jeffery was one of my favorite characters, because of how much humor he added to to story. Alice was someone who I like because she was trying to be so much more

I love the Elizabethan period of history so for anyone else who does this is a fun book. I am not sure of the historical accuracy of the book, I would have to do more research. But is is a wonderful story!

If you like mysteries this is a fun one. You will not want to put the book down! :)

Blessings Elizabeth

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