Monday, June 20, 2011

question about Wives & daughters

So... I have been watching Wives & Daughters (I have not read the book, and usually I would read the book first) and I am very confused about the fashion. What time period is it in?!?!?!! The cloths look like a weird cross between regency and maybe a little Victorian. But the sleeves are big!

So my question(s) comes down to this... What time is this? Is this before of after Victorian? Why is it different from North & South? (in North & South they dress Victorian if I am not mistaken) Why is there such a fashion difference between the two when they were written by the same person?

If anyone can answer my questions that would be most helpful! I am being driven crazy by it!


PS. I have only watched episode 1 and 2, and have not finished it yet.


  1. I believe Wives and Daughters takes place in the 1830's, so after the Regency Era ended and before the Victorian Era started. I believe the 1830s fashion era is called the Romantic Era.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  2. Oh! As for North and South, I've read that it was published in 1855. During the 1850s until 1869, the crinoline/hoopskirt was used; before (like in the 1840s and maybe 1830s), multiple petticoats were used to get the "poofy" effect in the skirt of the dress. So, it's possible that North and South takes place in the 1850s. Although, when I watched it, it didn't seem to me that the hoopskirt was used much (except with one of Fanny Thornton's dresses), unless I'm mistaken and hoopskirts were actually used more than I thought in that adaptation.

    Hope this helps too! :-)

  3. Sorry for the third post (it really has me thinking), but now that I look at some of the promotional shots of North and South, it might suggest that the hoopskirt was used.

  4. Ahh Thank you soo much. I suspected it was after the Regency period, but I was not sure. Thank you sooo much!!