Thursday, June 9, 2011

King Richard and Prince(King) John

I would have like to put more, but I don't know that much about Richard and John. I hope to rectify this in the future, and do a more detailed post about these to famous rival brother.

Probably one of the most famous kings of England, partly because of the tales of Robin Hood, he was also quite popular with the people. I have never really been sure why he did not do much for his country, and was gone most of the time in the Holy Land.

Richard was the great grandson of William the Conqueror. Richard was the favorite son of Eleanor, his mother, because of this he was given Aquitaine. Despite having been born in England he did not speak a word of English. He lead the third Crusade to the Holy Land, and was gone for quite a while, during his mother(not Prince John as Robin Hood would have us believe) was regent, while he was gone she did many things in his name there by making him very popular with the people. She also kept John of the throne.

Richard had a made a few enemies on his way to the Holy Land, and coming home he was captured by Duke Leopold of Austria, and held there. His mother was the one who worked hardest and eventually got him out of prison. Richard Died in 1199 A.D. Though He married he never had any Children. He left the throne to his brother John

The famous Prince John from Robin Hood's story did eventually become king. But before all that He was known as John Lackland. There is a story behind his name. When each of his sons were born he gave them land, well because John was the youngest, and I must say he probably was unexpected due to the fact that people just did not have that many kids, there was no land left for him to give to John. This is something important because we read in a history book that he was called John Lackland because Richard was king and got all the land. My mother was so mad at the book for getting it wrong(this history book had mad many many mistakes also) she threw it across the room. My mother does not normally throw books. Lackland was the nickname given to him because he had no land. He did not like that name because it reminded him that he did not have some of the things his brothers had.

Henry II tried to help John get land, but conquering Ireland, he planed to make John King of Ireland. John was Henry II favorite son, after Henry. But when Henry(the Young King) rebelled Henry II felt betrayed but his sons, he thought John was the only one who really cared about him, and was loyal to him. On his death bed Henry II found out that his favorite son John had signed a document that was part of a rebellion when Henry II was finally over thrown by his Son Richard. The fact that John was his father favorite, and Richard was his mothers favorite might be part of rivalry between them.

John was not a very good king. The stories about Prince John (minus the regent part) are probably true. He was not a nice person, and because of this the nobles rebelled against him. Out of this rebellion came the Magna Carta, which is a very important document, it set the basis for the British Parliament. This is the most exiting thing really from King John's time as king.

edit: I just remember something that I found interesting! Prince John did get some land, his father was able to mange some how to give him some. His land was.... Nottingham. Perhaps this is why Prince John takes such a prominent role in the Robin Hood tales? Just a thought.



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