Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arthur meets Amy's father

'I hope,' said Arthur, very doubtful what to say, 'that my respect for your daughter may explain and justify my desire to be presented to you, sir'
'Mr. Clennam,' returned the other, rising, taking his cap off in the flat of his hand, and so holding it, ready to put on again, 'you do me honor. You are welcome, sir.' With a low bow. 'Frederick a chair. Pray sit down, Mr. Clennam.'
He put his black cap on again as he had taken it off, and resumed his own seat. There was a wonderful air of benignity and patronage in his manner. These were the ceremonies with which he received the collegians.
'You are welcome to Marshalsea, sir. I have welcomed many gentlemen to these walls. Perhaps you are aware - my daughter Amy may have mentioned - that I am the Father of this place.'
'I - so I have understood,' said Arthur, dashing at the assertion.
'You know I dare say, that my daughter Amy was borne here. A good girl, sir, a dear girl, and long a comfort and support to me. Amy, my dear, put the dish on; Mr. Clennam will excuse the primitive customs to which we are reduced here. Is it a compliment to ask you if you would do me the honor, sir, to -'
'Thank you,' returned Arthur. 'Not a morsel.'

~ Little Dorrit Chapter VIII


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