Friday, May 13, 2011

Piano Excitement!

I was not able to post this yesterday because blogger was having its hiccup(a very big hiccup!).

Any way.... I am very happy! I finished a song at piano lessons and got to start a new one!!! It is Mozart's Sonata in A minor, but the particular copy I have it has the whole big movement (I think that is what it is called..?) It has the Sonata, and a couple of other songs, and Alla Turca!!! All together they add up to about 16 pages!

I love Alla Turca it is my dream song. I have been wanting to play it since I was a little girl. But I am not at Alla Turca yet, I have a lot to get through before that, and my piano teacher wants to me to work up to Alla Turca. But I am in love with the whole thing!!! :) :) <3

Christ is Risen!

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