Friday, May 6, 2011

Pascha 2011

All right now for the Pascha pictures I promised you all! Some of them are blurry, but they give you an idea of what is going on. I will see if I can get better pictures next year.
Also I took a couple of short videos of the service, so I will see if I can get those up for you to watch! :)

Another thing that I should tell you is that out Pascha service is at midnight. So here is the time line. Saturday 10:00 PM, leave to make sure we can get a decent parking spot. 11:00 PM at Church waiting for the service to start. 12:00 AM Sunday service starts. Some time between 3:00 Am and 3:30 AM Sunday the service ends. Some time between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM Sunday we leave Church and go home to sleep. Then we get up and go to church and 1:00 PM Sunday, and are there until between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM Sunday. Yup that is how our Pascha is. :) I love every minute of it!!

Now with out further ado!

Our Pascha basket!
Our Pascha basket with all the other Pascha baskets.
I don't have a full picture of all the Pascha baskets, so this is the best that I have.

The procession. On Pascha there are only 2 handmaidens. One carrying the icon, and one the artos(a holy pascha bread). I got to carry the icon, last year I carried the bread.

This is one of the blurry ones.
Father Getting ready to read the Gospel.
Father reading the Gospel.

I don't really know what they are doing here because my back was turned. As you can see.
Going back in for the rest of the service.

I made all th upper window things. :)
A better view of the decorations. Our Church gets all decked out for Pascha.
The garland on the cross.
The icon of the Resurrection. (I made the little garland thing above it. ;)

My friend made the garland on the chandelier, and she made the one on the iconostasis. you can see it just below the chandelier. :) She is amazing!
They put even decorated the Cross on the hill. I think it is haunting.

Someone at Church gave us this beautiful egg. It was so lovely we were afraid to eat it!
The other side.

I hope you enjoyed!!
Christ is Risen

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