Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enchantress from the stars book review

Title: Enchantress from the Stars
Author: Sylvia Louise Engdahl
1st Published: 1970
My rating: 3/5

This book is a wonderful story about magic, science and a quest!

Characters: The characters were great I love how you had the characters who believed in magic and those who were purely scientific and those who were sort of in between. They were all different from each other, and gave different view points to the story. I love books that change perspectives, this book does that.

Themes: What I really really really loved about this book was the theme(s). The one that stands out to me the most it how it talks about how things are not always black and white. Some times you have to break the rules for the greater good, but you must have the wisdom to know when it is right. I really like that!

Story: I loved the story it gave a completely new spin to fairy tales and enchantments all that fun stuff. I like the little twist it has by making it not really magic but science.

What I didn't like: All right this is kind of a spoiler but you are probably wondering why if I like the book so much that I only gave it 3 out of 5. It is because of this, The main girl character drove me absolutely crazy. She did not think, and seemed very very silly at times. *Spoiler* She is suppose to marry this one guy, he is really sweet and nice, and what does she do she falls for this other guy!!!! It was horrible she would hurt the guy she was suppose to marry. It was just further proof that we need to be careful of our hearts! It really really really REALLY made me mad!!!!!!!!!! *End of Spoiler* Other than all that the main character was fine.

I really enjoyed this book if you like fairy tales and science fiction( I am not a big science fiction book fan) then you will like this book! It was very easy to get into and the story grabbed me from the beginning. It is well written and very consistent in what it talks about.

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