Saturday, May 28, 2011

A case of a bad blogger

I have been a terrible blogger this week. I hope you will please forgive me!

This week has just been crazy!! Our school year ended yesterday, so all week we were trying to get school done, and the house is/was (it could still use some work, but is improved) a wreak. I just did not have time to do much, if any, posting.

Any way I have been reading Little Dorrit. I actually started it *cough* last year, and could not get into the book (I was only about two chapters into it), it made absolutely no sense! this week I decided to give it another go and picked up where I left off. NOW it is actually interesting, and makes sense with what the back says. I am not very far, but I am very slow when it come to Dickens; he is really heavy read for me, but he has gotten easier over the years, and I have come to like him very much!

I really don't think Charles Dickens like his government.

that is all for now!


  1. I love reading Dickens but i find it takes a lot of concentration :) and I sometimes find that hard :) Thats great that you gave "Little Dorrit" another go!

  2. I started to read Little Dorrit last year: I really enjoyed it, but I got out of the habit of reading it for so long. I'm going to restart from the beginning. Maybe I'll catch something that I haven't noticed before!

    I have that same copy of the book that you have pictured here.