Saturday, April 2, 2011

Card Making Regular Cards 1

All right for to day I am doing my regular cards. These are the cards that I will use for birthdays thank yous and what not. Some are specifically are more for birthdays. I enjoy making these one, because you get to play more with color.

I forgot to list stickers as some thing I use when card making.

I had the Disney princess stickers and they were just perfect for making a little girl birthday card! I had lots of fun with this one!

This is the inside.
This is kind of more like a boy birthday card. I really am very bad when it comes to making boy birthday cards, or boy cards in general. I don't have any brothers.

The inside of the frog card. This is another one of my poor attempts at making a boy birthday card.

I like the don't forget cake part on the inside.

The dolphin on this card was an after thought, but it turned out nicely I think.
The inside.

More regular cards to come. I have a lot so I didn't want to do them all in one post.


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