Saturday, April 9, 2011

Agnes Grey Book Review

Title: Agnes Grey
Author: Anne Bronte
First Published: 1847
My rating: 6/5 stars!!

Agnes Grey is young girl who has been raised in a sheltered home. She decides she wants to become a governess, she cannot wait to start her own way in the world, but little does she know how cold and cruel it can be. This book is about her journey as a governess.

Characters: I loved the characters. They all seemed to very real, there was nothing unrealistic about this book. Anne Bronte probably got a lot of her characters from her own experience. I loved Agnes! She was so kind and shy and sweet. You could not help but love her, and get angry when any one mistreated her. (This was a very big thing for me that I actually felt angry about a character in a book!) Agnes is very religious which I was able to relate to very easily. She has very high morals(something else I can relate too!). Over all I loved Agnes, I think anyone can understand how Agnes felt, and can understand her. I think that is what makes her so endearing.

Setting: Anne Bronte has lovely descriptions of the land. It brings it to life in your mind. I think my favorites were the ocean and beach description. They were very lovely and you could tell that Anne really loved the ocean.

My Thoughts: Probably the best thing about this book was how realistic it was. Agnes Grey is more like what life really was for a governess. I really got mad at the children she had to teach, they were so mean to her!! I kept wanting to jump into the book and teach them a thing or two! This book is also not as dark as the books by her older sisters (Charlotte & Emily). It can be upsetting but it is not that same Gothic feel.
I loved this book! It is a must read.


PS. Anne Bronte is often called the forgotten Bronte sister.


  1. I've not read this one, I've actually not read a huge amount of Bronte books.
    Thanks for the review, I'll pick it up!

  2. Sounds like a good book! This one is on my "to-read" list. I've read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, but nothing by Anne Bronte. I really, really enjoyed Jane Eyre, but I thought Wuthering Heights was too dark and melodramatic (at times it seemed silly).

  3. I'm definitely putting this one on hold now :)