Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twelfth Night 1988

Title: Twelfth Night 1988
Producer: A&E
Directer:Kenneth Branagh
My rating: 5/5 stars! :)

This has to be one of my favorites(not that I have see that many). I loved th actors. My favorite characters from the play were Feste the fool, Malvolio, Viola's maid, and Sir Edward. My sisters and I watched this and we were laughing. Our favorite part was when Malvolio is reading the letter and Sir Toby the man servant, and Sir Edward are listening in! We were laughing the whole time.

What I liked: I like how is was like a play, they filmed it on an actual set. It was really interesting to see that, and it made it seem more like a play. I love the actors, they all did a splendid job. The costumes were not what I expected I thought they would be something more like from Shakespeare, though after a while I liked them. There were no questionable scenes, or anything that we would have to fast forward through, so that is a big A+!

What I didn't like: I really don't have anything that I dislike about this. I think the only this is that the lighting. At sometimes it was dark, and because the setting was mostly white that made for a lot of light at sometimes. I would have put more color in it.

I would highly recommend this movie. It is one of the best, and I think good for the whole family. I watched this with my sisters and they loved it! I would definitely buy this if I could!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't know Kenneth Branagh had this on film. I thought he just directed is a stage play.

    Thanks for this post and bringing this to my attention. ;-)