Monday, March 28, 2011

Card making Valentine Cards

I love valentine cards with all the hearts, pink, purple, and red! They are some of my favorite cards to make. I love to cut out the hearts from the paper and glue them onto the card. These are the valentine cards that I have made.

I am not sure what to call this card. I for now I will call it the growing heart card. (I am not completely satisfied with this name, but it will do for now) I have not written anything on the front of this one for two reason a) I didn't quite now what to write on the front for the card, and b) I have terrible hand writing. I would like to wait to write on the card until I absolutely have to.
This is the inside to the "growing heart card"
Here is a blurry close up of what I wrote in the conner heart outline on the inside of the card.

Here is another one. See reasons for the above card as to why this one is blank. I like this one because it is different from the other ones. It has valentine colors on the cover, but no hearts.

The inside has hearts though. I like this paper shaper pattern.

This card is a flip card you flip it over to read what is written. You don't open it. I have some better pictures of other flip cards below.

This is my favorite flip valentine card! I like the single heart in the conner, it is a more simple card and I like simple elegant.
Showing how it is a flip card, and not and open close card.
This one is very much like the one above in design. That same simple look.

Showing flip card.

I don't really give valentine cards to anyone. My family is not the kind to give each other cards. I don't really have anyone else to give these too. I don't know why I make them then. Probably just because they are lots of fun!!!! :)



  1. A woman I know does these great card classes, and she goes all out for Valentine's Day. I take her classes, but then always end up with a plethora of them, and we don't tend to give them away either.

    I figure I'm well set for weddings throughout the year!

    You do great cards!