Friday, March 25, 2011

Card Making Tools of the Trade

This post is about what I use to make my cards. These are the tools I use, if you don't have them or have something else that you would like to use that is great! Card making is something that you can be really creative with.

All of the tools together. I would like to have a basket to keep them in, but I have not quite gotten around to getting one.

I use ribbon to decorate some of the cards. This is some of what I bought for card making and others, like in the scrap bag, are ones that I have collected from other things.

I use a pen to draw what I want to cutout some shapes. The tool in the middle is a bone folder. You use it to make crisper edges. It is not a necessary to have. I use glue sticks for gluing most things onto the card, because it makes the cards not bowed as much as with the liquid glue.

I got at Micheal's some cards that you can decorate. I really like these. They save me the step of having to cut out the card from the paper.

These are some tools that I have around for if I want them. I don't really use them a whole lot.

I have water color pencils for writing words. I like having the water color ones so that is I want to give it a more painted look I can do it!

And buttons. I am sorry that the picture is so blurry. The bage the buttons are in is really old, so that made taking a picture of it difficult.

I save some of the paper scraps so that I can use them to decorate the cards. I like using the trimmed edges from the paper shaper scissors to add border or something like that.

This is what I call heavy duty glue. I use it for the ribbons and buttons. The glue stick just can't make those things stay so I use the liquid glue for that.

And of course you need paper. I use some of the stiffer scrap booking paper, and scrap booking paper strips for the cards. I also use some construction paper too.

I like having all different kinds of scissors. I have my regular scissors and the paper shaper scissors.

Those are all the tools and craft supplies that I use.


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